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I'm Alexis! Mom of 3 amazing children, owner and creator of Milk Made Memories!


It all started with a latch. As I sat there, nursing my little one, I knew I wanted to be able to remember this moment forever. I felt overwhelmed with emotion. I knew, one day, this would all end. I wouldn't have my small mom depended babies anymore.


I started searching keepsakes. I wanted to remember all my hard work and bonding with my kids. I found a few website that provided simple DIY Kits for breast milk jewelry and the ones that you sent your milk off to were so expensive and I knew would never be in my budget. 


So I thought, I'm going to figure out how to do this on my own! Through much trial and error, I finally found a way! Now I am happy so say I have made this my career! I have customers worldwide! I love what I do and especially love the emotion and reaction I get from my pieces! Each one is crafted with care and holds personal inclusion stones with preserved breast milk, hair, umbilical cord, placenta, ash or any type of inclusion you would like.


I take those moments, forever engraved into hearts, and turn them into keepsakes you can carry around with you everyday!


With my experience, as a breast feeding mom, someone who has experienced the loss of a baby and close loved ones, I know how special these moments can be! I put my heart and soul into every piece I create and I hope it reflects when you receive them!