Cancel or Change


I do not accept any return, as these are personalized items and can't be re-sold. 


You can cancel/change your order and get a full refund within 1-23 hours of placing it. No refunds or changes after 24 hours.

Once you submit and pay for your order, you will receive an email with a tracking link for your inclusion mailing kit. This kit has everything you'll need to ship your inclusions back to me safely. Milk Made Memories is not liable for anything that is done to your package while in transit. Properly following the instructions will greatly increase your chances of having no issues with the shipping service. Tracking on the return mailer is provided on the shipping instructions sheet, at the top. My turn around time is an average of 16 weeks from the week I receive your inclusion. That can change to either earlier or later, but will not surpass 24 weeks. I do not offer Priority Express Shipping because I have no control over the Postal Service so I have no control on how and when it gets to you. I cannot be held accountable for late packages after USPS is in possession of it. When you receive a tracking number that means it is out of my hands. Please allow USPS 24 to 48 hours(not including weekends) to get your package scanned in.

International orders!

Milk Made Memories is not held responsible for customs fee's. 


I do offer replacement/repairs for all pieces after purchase. That includes stone or ring damage(inevitable damage), and loss of side stones.


EXCLUDES gold plating chipping/wearing off and tarnish.

See preventative care.

You can purchase a repair kit to have your piece sent back for any damage, cleanings or reseals needed.

Please DO NOT try and re-shape you ring yourself! This can break or damage your band and Milk Made Memories is not liable to replace or fix it if you chose that route.

If you decide to have your ring re-sized by someone other that myself(Alexis), Milk Made Memories is not responsible for damage or lost stones.


Freedom from liability:
Please be aware that by purchasing a piece of jewelry from Milk Made Memories and sending in your inclusions, that you free Milk Made Memories, the designer, Alexis Hyde, and all estates of Alexis Hyde from any liability of your inclusions. It is requested that you don't send the last of any inclusions and that you save some at home. All and every inclusions that you send, we are released from any liability or legal pursuit for any accidents or loss to your inclusions. Your order and sending of inclusions implies you agree and understand this policy. ​Thank you.


Taxes and shipping are not included with the listed price. Unless you order through invoice. Then they are all included.