DIY Kit for Crown Bezel Ring(PRE-ORDER)

DIY Kit for Crown Bezel Ring(PRE-ORDER)

This DIY Kit launches and starts shipping in the first week of November. These PREORDERS are discounted at $75. They will be $85 in November. Use code PREORDER at the checkout for the discount.

This kit includes-


Resin part A & B

Milk Made Memories unique preservation powder

3 Mixing Spatulas

4 mixing cups

1 syringe

4 toothpicks

10mm stone mold

1 Crown Bezel Ring(10mm)

1 Gift Box

Below you can select any extra inclusions you'd like sent in your kit. There is an option in each section to "specify in the notes". This is for custom pigments, crushed stone or shimmer flakes. If you need more than 1 color, crushed stone or shimmer flake, the notes is where that needs to be specified.

  • Shipping

    This kit will ship the first week of November.

  • Extra Inclusions

    All extra inclusions will be sent in small sealed bags.

  • Refunds and Returns

    You can request for a refund 24 hours after your purchase. After the 24 hour mark there are no refunds or returns.

Would you like to add a pigment?
Would you like crushed raw birthstone?
Would you like shimmer flakes?
Would you like foil flakes?
Ring Size
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