Inclusion Mailing and Ring Sizing Kit

SKU: 658654

((NOT A NECESSARY ITEM, you will still receive shipping instructions after you order. If you buy this kit, please disreguard them)) This kit will include -2 breast milk storage bags or the correct storage for your inclusion(s) of choise. -Instructions on how to ship -Pre-Paid envelope for returning -One Belt Sizer/Ruler(Size 1-17) (NOTE: If you wanted to add hair, umbilical cord, ashes, encapsulated placenta or any other extra inclusions there will be additonal instructions and the proper storage sent in the kit.)

Kit will ship the following Friday after your order is placed.

  • Side Note!

    Please visit the "Preventative Care" page before you make your final decision and purchase. There is also a Shipping Instructions page and Polices/Shipping page. I highly suggest you read through each page before purchasing. By placing your order and sending your inclusions you are agreeing to ALL policies, terms and conditions.

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