Repair/Re-seal Kit

This kit includes a instructions, a jewelry box, form to fill out, and a return envelope for repairs, re-seals, or any maitenence that needs done to your piece. It will ship the following Friday after the order is placed. You'll follow your repair with the order number from this kit purchase.

Repairs inlcude:



Re-sealing(for stones that have chips, discolored or scratches)

Accent stones need replaced(From natural or inevidable causes)

Please read the preventive care page!

  • Turn around time

    4 to 8 weeks. Once you see your order number on the order status page, you'll want to subract 4 weeks off the est. shipping date. My system is automatic and goes off my current turn around time. That will bring it to an 8 week turn around, but it could be as litttle as 4.

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