Tree Of Life Wrapped Crescent Moon

The $160 is for the Moon and a copper wrap!

There is also silver and yellow gold filled available!

(Silver-$180, yellow gold filled-$190)

This will come with a black nylon necklace.

You can also add a 18" Sterling Silver chain to your cart if you do not want the nylon necklace.

Up to 5 extra inclusions can be added to the moon!

Please put the inclusions you'd like in the text box below! Please see the inclusion examples page for reference!

Example; "Breast milk, hair, natural, crushed turquoise and gold flake"

               "Ashes, pearl, light blue shimmer flakes and silver flake"

               "Breast milk, natural, crushed amethyst and copper flake"

  • Side note!

    Please visit the "Preventative Care" page before you make your final decision and purchase. There are also the Shipping Instructions page, Polices/Shipping and the Inclusion examples pages. I highly suggest you read through each page before purchasing. By placing your order and sending your inclusions you are agreeing to ALL policies, terms and conditions.

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