Thank you for choosing

Milk Made Memories

to make your special keepsake!

!!Please read very carefully and follow all the instructions.

It will it ensure your inclusion(s) will arrive to me safely

and I'll be able to get your order status updated promptly!!

*All inclusions need to be double bagged and make sure the bags are sealed well!


Shipping instructions for breast milk:
~I need at least 0.5 of an ounce of breast milk per order.

(If you have a low supply, I can work with as little as 5 ml, or I do have donor milk that can be mixed with your milk. Please let me know if you do have a low supply.)

Breast milk needs to be completely thawed out before putting in into the envelope. It can be pumped fresh. It does not need to be refrigerated during transit. Please write the name on the invoice and the invoice number on the label that is located on storage bag #1. Fill the storage bag #2 with at least 0.5oz of breast milk. Seal and fold/roll small enough to fit into storage bag #1. The mailer is ready to go, so it will just need to ne dropped off or picked pick by USPS.



Half an ounce usually produced 2 to 5 stones depending on the piece(s) you ordered. I keep extra preserved milk for up to 9 months after I receive it. This is for future orders and stone repair/replacement. I also have donor milk. I always ask before using donor milk, or customers have given me permission before hand.


Instructions for Hair:

~I need at least 20-50 strands that are 1 inch long. Place the hair in a basic plastic bag, write the name that is on the invoice and invoice number

(If you want hair but cannot get that amount, just send what you can and I'll be able to work with it.)


Instructions for Umbilical cord:

~I need a pea size amount of umbilical cord. Bags are provided. Write the name that is on the invoice and the invoice number on the label.


Instructions for Ashes:
~I need at around ¼ teaspoon of ash per stone. Bags are provided. Please write the name on the invoice and the invoice number on the label.


Instructions for Flowers:

~Dried is preferred, but if they are not, they will be before made into stone. Please send at least 1 petal for 1 to 2 stones. 2+ if you ordered more than 2 stones. Any extra will be sent back with your finished piece(s).


Instructions for Placenta:

~Placenta needs to be dried and encapsulated. Bags are provided and labeled, write the name on the invoice and invoice number.

Any extra inclusions (excluding milk) will be shipped back with your piece(s).



I suggest NOT sending the last of your supply, all of your child's umbilical cord stump, all of your placenta pills, the entire lock of your child's first haircut, the only ashes you have or the last of the any inclusion(s) you want in your pieces.

Milk Made Memories is NOT liable if inclusions or finished pieces get lost in the mail.


I try to update the order statuses on my website weekly. You can find your invoice number on the top of your invoice or you can message me and I’ll get it for you.
My current turnaround time is the usually the 12th week from the week I receive your milk. It can differ based on quantity of orders. It can be a little as 4 weeks, but will not exceed 16 weeks.


Once again, thank you for choosing Milk Made Memories!

I can't wait to create your special keepsake!